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Wow just wow. Lea's boyfriend is in rehab and she's just there posing and taking pictures. I know that she can't stop working but posting pictures on twitter is not part of her job. I'm so frustrated and angry.

omg what do you want her to do, take a picture of herself crying in her trailer???? like… she’s trying to get back to normal, she ALWAYS USED TO TWEET PICTURES OF THEM ON SET. she’s not gonna make all her tweets now about cory or something omg idk what you’re expecting here. if she tweets about the cory situation people say she’s making the situation about her, if she tries to tweet about normal things at glee people say how dare she have fun while her boyfriend is in rehab. god lea tweeting pictures of the glee set has nothing to do with cory in rehab stop making this a monchele situation.

i just ??????????????? so many anti-lea/anti-monchele people come into my askbox everytime i reblog something and i don’t understand why some of you seem to think I dislike her??? if anything, i have so much more respect for her now through this whole situation so…

  1. tyrion-dinklage said: That people actually have GALLS to accuse her like that? I can’t even. Excuse her for trying to have a life the way he WOULD want her to have, not moping around for him, geez. This fandom.
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  3. izzie-stevens said: is this anon serious
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